CFR Surfer of the Week 8/21/2011


Old Bird Migrates South

Say hello to Mark. This salty old bird migrates to the shores of Carolina Beach a few times a year to lay pickled eggs and ride tasty waves. Here he is seen in his native habitat , on top of an early morning wave at his favorite local break.


Q & A Session

    • Q: How long have been surfing?

    • A: 7 Years.


    • Q: What’s your favorite spot to surf along the Cape Fear Coast?

    • A: If I can get a boat ride, Masonboro. But my back yard spots are the broken pipes or your access.


    • Q: When do you think the best waves roll through the CB?

    • A: Hurricane Season!


    • Q: What are your thoughts on leash laws?

    • A: I can see the reason for a leash law in the summer when the tourists want to swim exactly where the waves are breaking but other than that it isn’t necessary ..


    • Q: Favorite place to go when you come to Pleasure Island?

    • A: I enjoy the Tiki Bar for a few cold ones and a lil live music.


    • Q: Who will win the Superbowl?

    • A: Pittsburgh Steelers will get 7 baby!!


  • Q: Dream board?

  • A: I don’t really have a dream board.  East coast waves dictate what you have to ride around here. As long as I can catch a ride I’m game Brah!!
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